This is an updated 1970’s version of Fondue that is now making a comeback and is well worth trying out on friends and family at your next get together, I use cubed chopped ham, fresh baguette, and florets of various vegetables for dipping but anything goes!

200g strong cheddar grated

100g of emmental cheese shredded

100g 0f  gruyere cheese shredded

1 tbsp of plain flour

360ml of Number 8

2tsp lemon juice

2 tbsp of dijon  mustard

In a bowl combine all the cheeses with the flour. Using a large saucepan heat the beer and lemon juice over a medium heat, when bubbles start to form around the pan reduce the heat to low, now slowly add a small handful of the cheese and flour mixture to the pan stirring in a figure of eight motion until the mixture has melted, continue until you are left with no cheese mixture left now add the mustard, the mixture in the pan should be thick and smooth. Transfer to a fondue pot and serve with your chosen dips. If you do not own a fondue pot this can be kept warm on your hob or barbecue but please be aware of young Children with this dish as it can be extremely hot and can burn.