The History of Front Row

Congleton raised Nick Calvert, set up Front Row Brewing as an artisan bespoke brewery in 2012. Alongside his thriving business in textile printing he wanted to use his passion in real ale to open his own brewery. As an ex prop in rugby he played for Congleton, Sandbach and Glossop rugby clubs it was only fitting that the theme of the brewery should follow suit.

Front Row was first showcased at the Macclesfield Beer Festival in May 2012 – presenting the beer lovers with “Touch” a 4.0% pale ale and “Pause” a 4.5% dark stout. By the end of the opening night Nick and his team were astounded by the positive reactions to the beers that had led them to sell out! From then on the business soon hit local radars as demand grew.

“THE ORIGINAL 4” – hit local pubs, specialist beer shops and restaurants with Collapse,IMG_3618 Crouch, Touch and Pause. Throughout in the year the brewery quickly expanded throughout the North West as the name Front row became known within real ale circles. Soon the company was picked up by Wholesalers that wanted to supply and distribute the beers nationally.


Committed to making high quality
traditional hand crafted ales using modern innovative techniques. The beers are all produced in small batches made from the finest ingredients with carefully sourced malt and hops.

Our Methods


Front Row uses the classic traditional English brewing method with the arrangement of tanks being: hot liquor tank, mash tun, kettle and fermenting vessels. A 1400 litre batch can be produced in any one brew. The malt is carefully added to the hot water in the mash tun, where it is left for ninety minutes to release all the sugars from the malt. IMG_3666Then the wort is transferred to the copper where it is brought to the boil, once boiling the bittering hops are added. After an hour the flavour hops are introduced and the wort is left for a short time to absorb the flavours. It is then cooled and transferred to the fermenting vessel where the yeast is added. In a few days the beer is ready to be transferred into barrels where is it left to mature for two weeks before being delivered to customers.IMG_3645

We only use the finest English Malts and use predominantly English hops supplemented with hops from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Germany and Slovenia.